The Qualia Manifesto

The Sony CSL Cognitice Science Lab

Mogi Lab (In Japanese)

The Brain Club

Founded on 24th May 2002

Sessions held weekly in SONY CSL TOKYO

Reporting Members (In alphabetical order)

Yuichi Mitsudo, Ken Mogi, Hisayuki Nagashima, Kei Omata, Ayako Onzo

Takayasu Sekine, Tamami Sudo, Fumhiko Taya, Toru Yanagawa, Qi Zhang

Visiting Members

Takashi Ikegami, Asako Fukumoto, Yukio Gunji, Asaki Nishikawa


The Brain Club meets weekly at the Core Room 3F of Sony CSL Tokyo.

It is a forum for those individuals who wishes to contribue to the

understanding of the foundations of our cognitive processes.

A typical meeting consists of two regular reports and one "libero" report.

Regular reports are most usually in a "journal club" or "data seminar" or

"concept presentation" format. The reporting members give regular

reports in rotation. The "libero" slot can be taken up by any individual

who has some urgent issue to discuss. The "libero" slot is assigned

on a first come, first served basis.

We regret that due to the limited physical capacity, membership to the club is

limited. However, enquiries are welcome.

*Membership enquiries should be sent to Ken Mogi (