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Last updated 18th July 2005

Tokyo Institute of Techonolgy Mogi laboratory

Supervisor: Dr. Ken Mogi

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Members and research themes.

D3 Toru Yanagawa

Spontaneous firing of neural networks, Theory of Mind

D3 Kei Omata

Audiovisual integration(McGurk effect)、SOM

D2 Tamami Sudo

Prelinguistic development in children

D2 Ayako Onzo

Emotion. Neuroeconomics.

D2 Takayasu Sekine

Body Image

D1 Fumiko Tanabe

Dynamic editing of memories

M1 Eiichi Hoshino

Multimodal sensory integration

M1 Tomomitsu Herai

M1 Fumi Ookubo


Hisayuki Nagashima(Currently at Honda. Inc.)

The Mogi lab members conduct their research in a close collaboration with the brain science group

in Sony computer Science Laboratories.

Dr. Zhang Qi

Active Vision, 3-D perception (pantomime effect)

Dr. Fumihiko Taya

Active Vision、Neuroeconomics

We have close ties with

Horace Barlow (Cambridge)

Allan Snyder (Sydney)